About Me and My Blog

Welcome to my website. Thank you for popping in.

I like to write. Journals, essays, memoirs, commentaries, anything I find interesting can make it onto a page or screen.

In 1976 I won a writing contest in junior high. I kept a diary and because I had an active and colorful dream-life, for many years I wrote down my dreams every morning.

In 1988 my mentor in college told me I had a voice and that I should write. So I did.

However, life happens and time passes…

In 2009 I began thinking about blogging when I saw the movie, Julie and Julia.

I joined the St. Charles Writers Group in the spring of 2015. Thanks to their feedback, an article I wrote about growing herbs was published on February 22nd, 2017 in The Kane County Chronicle, and they paid me for it.

Last year a writer gave a presentation to the writers group. She encouraged us to get our writing out there, allow people read our writing, and develop a following. She talked about websites, blogs, social media, and how we could use these tools to share our writing with the world. She was fearless and inspiring.

For a private person, of a certain age, the idea of ‘getting myself out there’ filled me with trepidation and held me back. Did I really want to put my life on the web? What if someone steals my stuff, sells it, and I never find out? What if nobody wants to read anything I have to say? A gal could drive herself batty thinking about all the negative possibilities.

All I know is that I don’t have all the time in the world. Even though time is free, it is not unlimited. It is precious. I can spend a lot of time thinking about what might happen instead of just doing it and finding out what does happen. I do know this: I enjoy writing and when people do what they enjoy, they usually do a pretty good job.

So let’s go and see what happens…

Why Coyote?

Everyone asks, “Why coyotesusan?” Let’s start there…

In the mid-90’s I chose the moniker, coyotesusan, for reasons having to do with Native American mythology of the trickster and the medieval English court jester. I related to coy trickery and fashioned myself as a gal who could jest honestly with her monarch and keep her head about her shoulders.

Today, looking back on the days since I became coyotesusan online, I see an aspect of myself in another likable, yet infamous, trickster: Wile E. Coyote of cartoon fame. I have mistakenly blown myself sky high, dropped anvils on my fat head, and stumbled over cliffs into abysses of which I never expected to emerge intact. Survive I did, but unlike Wile E., I eventually learned from my mistakes and now live to tell the tales in bits and pieces.

Today, I am a transplanted northerner living in rural Alabama with my amazing husband. A rare creature, my husband, as he can rebuild a car transmission and help me build a website. I just have to refrain from ordering anvils from the Acme Corporation!

I decided to remain coyotesusan in my blogging realm for old times’ sake and the fact that people find it memorable.

Thanks for stopping by!