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    Why Coyote?

    Everyone asks, “Why coyotesusan?” Let’s start there… In the mid-90’s I chose the moniker, coyotesusan, for reasons having to do with Native American mythology of the trickster and the medieval English court jester. I related to coy trickery and fashioned myself as a gal who could jest honestly with her monarch and keep her head about her shoulders. Today, looking back on the days since I became coyotesusan online, I see an aspect of myself in another likable, yet infamous, trickster: Wile E. Coyote of cartoon fame. I have mistakenly blown myself sky high, dropped anvils on my fat head, and stumbled over cliffs into abysses of which I never expected to emerge intact. Survive I did,…

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    How a Fire Extinguisher, an Allergic Reaction, and an ER Visit Improved My Life

    Doctors never helped so I tried a couple alternatives. I try to remember the name of the newest doctor as I stare out the car window. Farmhouses and barns are white and red islands in seas of corn and soy beans. I resist the urge to ask my mom how much longer before we get there. I cannot resist the urge to scratch my scalp or rub my eyes. She catches me and gives me the look. No words are needed. Scratching and rubbing make things worse, but I’m a little girl and sometimes I can’t stop myself. I have a feeling this will be our last attempt to find…

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    About Me and My Blog

    Welcome to my website. Thank you for popping in. I like to write. Journals, essays, memoirs, commentaries, anything I find interesting can make it onto a page or screen. In 1976 I won a writing contest in junior high. I kept a diary and because I had an active and colorful dream-life, for many years I wrote down my dreams every morning. In 1988 my mentor in college told me I had a voice and that I should write. So I did. However, life happens and time passes… In 2009 I began thinking about blogging when I saw the movie, Julie and Julia. I joined the St. Charles Writers Group…

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