• Coyote Susan logo in a cartoon drawing of an orange coyote wearing a red bandana with a turquoise spiral on its side and red accents

    What’s in a Name? Why Coyote Susan, You Ask?

    Everyone wonders, and it’s about time I answer What’s the Deal with Coyote Susan? In the mid-90s, I chose the moniker Coyote Susan as my AOL email address. Way back then, many of us were uncomfortable using our real names. We thought deeply meaningful nicknames might protect us from getting caught in that newfangled thing called the World Wide Web. We still valued privacy and wanted to protect it. Anonymity was our defense against thieves and bandits on the uncharted frontier of a rapidly expanding technology. Everything was happening so fast, right there in front of us on our gigantic monitors, in real time. Protecting our identities seemed prudent. And we had…

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